[Kanji: Ryu] Dragon's Roost


Various bits of source code that I've uploaded to this website. I'm not a programmer, but apparently I can fake it sometimes.

Update Titles

Update Titles is a plugin for Exaile, written in Python, that collects track information and uses it to update an Icecast2 server with metadata about a given stream. The plugin supports a configuration page in the Exaile preferences so users can customize the Icecast2 server information without too much difficulty.

I developed the plugin for Exaile, against version Update Titles is not yet to the point where I want it to be, but it does work.

The code is hosted as a git repository. If you want to download Update Titles, you can clone it like this:

git clone http://dragonsroost.org/src/updatetitles.git

If you're lazy, you can download the packed up file that Exaile knows what to do with: updatetitles.exz. The checksums are:

MD5: 7a587b4952db832157c7f4c223c40fb8
SHA1: 1e186dec45bd40f17e534c5b8a71047f05c5abee

There is currently very little documentation for this code; it's pretty much confined to comments in the code itself. Maybe I'll produce a README for it, or something that explains the plugin a little better, but for now it's pretty basic.

Update Titles is licensed under the Modified BSD License.


The IceTicker is based on the older MusicTicker XML code. IceTicker is a PHP class that I wrote for the Top Secret Radio Network website to display relevant stream information for website visitors. It's still pretty basic, but it works.

IceTicker uses php-curl to retrieve the current statistic information from the Icecast2 server. It then creates a SimpleXMLParser to rip that information into relevant bits which can be referenced by the accompanying PHP include to actually display the information you want. This class was basically reconstructed from the ground up from what MusicTicker provided for ShoutCast, because ShoutCast and Icecast2 spit out significantly different XML statistical data, but it gets the job done.

There is minimal configuration, because I don't need a whole heck of a lot for the TSRN website. The class is able to get any XML tag that the Icecast2 server spits out, but the include only assumes that you want one Icecast2 mountpoint.

The code is hosted as a git repository. If you want to download IceTicker, you can clone the repository:

git clone http://dragonsroost.org/src/iceticker.git

IceTicker is licensed under the GPL, version 3.

Games Closet Addons

The Games Closet Addons is a plugin for Wordpress that I shamelessly stole from Craig and modified a little bit. It works pretty well for what I want it to do. There are a few things here and there that I've thought about adjusting. Mostly, I've left it alone since I got it to the state of 'it does what I want'.

The code is currently hosted as a Bazaar repository; I'm not sure what I was thinking. If you want to download Games Closet Addons, you can checkout the repository:

bzr co http://dragonsroost.org/src/games-closet-addons/

Sooner or later, I'll get up the gumption to convert the Bazaar repo into a git repo. Until then, it'll remain as-is.

Games Closet Addons is licensed under the Modified BSD License.