Last Friday, I ordered a new cell phone. Up until now, I have steadily resisted the move into the 21st century of cellular telephone technology, simply because a) I never needed a phone smarter than I am and b) I didn’t really like the available smartphones that much. I mean, yeah, the G1 was nice, and Android was pretty neat, but I never really wanted to own one flat out.

I do, now. I finally broke down and bought one of these. I finally got up the gumption (and the money) to break into the 21st century of technology. It doesn’t hurt that, though not the kickassinest, it is still a very kick-ass miniature computer.

Heck, because Verizon is dragging their asses on rolling FiOS into our building, I’m even proving how kick-ass this phone is by posting this post over a Wi-Fi tether to my phone. One that I didn’t have to root my phone to use, even. Android 2.2 (FroYo) supports tethering out of the box, both USB and Wi-Fi. It’s kinda nice, being able to use my own God-forsaken broadband for a change :)

Hopefully, Angel will be able to do some real research in the evenings, now. I say in the evenings, because during the day, the phone goes with me ;)