Okay, not really.  But I do tend to tease him that some day, I might end up doing that very thing.  Given that I was working with nuts (yep, you’re going there; I can hear it!), it would have taken a lot to do Something Awful to the kitchen, but you never know.

So I found a recipe on accident that I bookmarked, mentally filing it away for something I could possibly make for Dad for Christmas, being that it was low-sodium (good for his heart, already under considerable genetic strain), relatively healthy, and had nuts.  Like his ubiquitous coffee mug, Dad loves to have something small in his pocket to snack on, because he – like both his daughters – tends to graze through the day.  So nuts are usually a popular choice, except that stuff from the store gets loaded down with salt, right?

Which brings us back to this.  “This” is peanuts, done in a chili-cayenne-lime coating, like apparently you can get in Mexico, from street vendors (having never been, I’ll have to take the site’s word for it).

The biggest thing about this undertaking is the time the little suckers require in the oven.  Otherwise, the ingredients are few and simple (good, in my book), and the process is easy (even better).  And it makes a lot, so maybe if he’s good, my brother will get some too.  Unless Dad decides he really likes them, and asks for more; then the brother-thing’s out of luck.

I’ve been very good, and only taste-tasted a few.  No, really!  I wanted to see how well the lime juice came through after the better part of an hour in the oven, and the answer is “all right.”  The chili powder and cayenne pepper are far more pronounced, which some may prefer.  I think maybe a smidgen more juice might have made things even more interesting, so I’ll have to experiment (after the holidays are over, though).  But they’re good — not particularly hot, and probably right pleasant to snack on, especially if you’ve got a cold something to drink with it.


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