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Tonight, we played VIA vs. KGB, Saboteur, Fairy Tale, and Glory to Rome.

Players: Tony, Boots, Byron, Principia, Blaise and Nostasia.

  • Byron won CIA vs. KGB against Tony.
  • Byron won Saboteur with 8, followed by Blaise and Boots (5), and Tony (4).
  • Byron won Fairy Tale with 33, followed by Blaise and Tony (28).
  • Blaise won Fairy Tale with 59, followed by Byron (36), and Tony (32).
  • Byron won Glory to Rome against Tony, Blaise, Nostasia, and Principia.

Tonight, we played Innovation and Race for the Galaxy.

Players: Tony, CT7 and Dr. ZRFQ.

Today, we attended the Boardgaming CoP at Booz Allen and played Kung Fu Fighting, Down in Flames, Zombie Dice and Munchkin.

Players: Tony, Katie, Melanie, Felix, Bryan, Rich, Hannah, Jeff and Sharon.

  • Katie pulled out from behind at 1 chi to win Kung Fu Fighting against Tony, Melanie, Rich, Felix and Bryan.
  • The Axis, consisting of Bryan, Melanie and Tony, won Down in Flames by two points because the Allies (Rich, Katie and Felix) had damaged aircraft flying at the end. Game summary:
    • Bryan got shot down in round two by Felix, then a damaged Rich, tailed by Tony, managed to take advantage and shot Tony’s Zero down.
    • Melanie shot down Katie in round three, then Tony shot down Rich’s damaged leader, which was replaced by his damaged wingman.
    • Bryan was shot down by Felix completely, right at the end of round five.
    • Melanie’s wingman shot Rich’s remaining Wildcat down at the top of round six, knocking him out, then went to pick on Felix, maneuvering to take advantage, but failing to shoot him down.
    • Katie reversed her disadvantage against Tony, but couldn’t shoot, then Tony took his advantage back but missed his shot.
  • Rich won Zombie Dice with 13, followed by Felix (9), Melanie (7), Bryan (3), and Katie and Tony (0).
  • Tony won Munchkin by playing the Divine Intervention card, which edged him ahead of Katie and Bryan (10), Sharon (9), Hannah (8), Melanie (7), and Jeff (5).

Tonight, we played Code 777 and Puerto Rico.

Players: Tony, Angel, CT7, Byron and Fuzz.

  • CT7 won Code 777 with 3, followed by Tony (2), Fuzz (2), Byron (1), and Angel (0).
  • Byron won Puerto Rico with 51, followed by CT7 (47), Angel (46), Tony (40), and Fuzz (25).

Tonight, we played Betrayal at House on the Hill and Puerto Rico.

Players: Tony, CT7, Fuzz, Byron and Dr. ZRFQ.

  • Dr. ZRFQ won Betrayal at House on the Hill, despite dying, when the house blew up and killed everyone else.
  • Byron won Puerto Rico with 45, followed by Tony (43), CT7 (41), Dr. ZRFQ (37), and Fuzz (34).