Archive for January, 2011

Tonight, we played Forbidden Island and Puerto Rico.

Players: Tony, Angel, Jason and Andrea.

  • We lost Forbidden Island.
  • Jason won Puerto Rico with 50, followed by Angel (49), Andrea (37), and Tony (36).

Tonight, we attended Ludus and played Factory Fun and 7 Wonders.

Players: Tony, Principia, Byron, CT7 and Dr. ZRFQ.

  • Principia won Factory Fun with 62, followed by Tony (54), and Byron and CT7 (51).
  • Principia won 7 Wonders with 54, followed by Dr. ZRFQ (49), CT7 (45), Byron (44), and Tony (39).
  • Dr. ZRFQ won 7 Wonders with 52 and 9 coins, followed by Principia (52 and 4), Byron (45), CT7 (35), and Tony (30).

Today, we attended GCOM Brunswick and played Ave Caesar, Puerto Rico and Glory to Rome.

Players: Tony, Karl, Byron, Leslie, Joel and Mark.

  • Leslie won Ave Caesar, followed by Mark, Joel, Tony and Karl.
  • Karl won Puerto Rico with 65, followed by Tony (49), and Joel (47).
  • Tony won Glory to Rome because Brian, Karl, Leslie and Joel conceded.

Tonight, as we waited for The Ball to drop, we played Race for the Galaxy and Dominion.

Players: Tony, Angel, Blaise, Raven, Tom, Craig and Aaron.

  • Angel won Race for the Galaxy with 42 and 8 cards, followed by Blaise (42 and 3 cards), Raven (40), and Tom (28).
  • Tony won Race for the Galaxy with 53, followed by Angel (41), Blaise and Craig (39 and 1 card), and Aaron (20).
  • Aaron won Dominion with 24, followed by Blaise (23), Tony (21), and Craig (3).