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Tonight, we attended Ludus and played Innovation, Dixit, LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts, and Mr. Jack Pocket.

Players: Tony, CT7, Byron, Dr. ZRFQ and Mrs. Tony’s Mommy.

  • Byron won Innovation with 46, followed by CT7 (44), Dr. ZRFQ (35), and Tony (25).
  • Dr. ZRFQ won Dixit against Mrs. Tony’s Mommy, Byron, CT7, and Tony.
  • Tony won LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts against Byron, CT7, and Dr. ZRFQ.
  • Tony won Mr. Jack Pocket against Byron.

Today, we attended the Boardgaming CoP at Booz Allen and played Thunderstone, Cosmic Encounter and Magblast.

Players: Tony, Angel, Lance, Marc, Patrick and Stephanie.

  • Lance won Thunderstone with 20 (and the Thunderstone), followed by Tony (20), Marc (17), and Angel (11).
  • Patrick, Tony and Marc won Cosmic Encounter with 5, followed by Angel, Stephanie and Lance (4).
  • Lance won Thunderstone with 21, followed by Angel (18), Tony (16), and Marc (13).
  • Tony won Mag Blast against Lance, Marc, and Angel.