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Tonight, we played Carcassonne, Spy Alley, Bohnanza, and Pandemic.

Players: Tony, Angel, Andrea and Jason.

  • Andrea won Carcassonne with 166, followed by Tony (96), Jason (93), and Angel (88).
  • Jason won Carcassonne with 160, followed by Andrea (158), Angel (93), and Tony (73).
  • Andrea won Spy Alley against Jason, Angel, and Tony.
  • Angel won Spy Alley against Andrea, Jason, and Tony.
  • Jason won Bohnanza with 28, followed by Tony (27), Andrea (20), and Angel (15).
  • Andrea, Jason, Tony, and Angel lost Pandemic to the race against time.

Tonight, we played Bohnanza and Lord of the Fries.

Players: Tony, Angel, Dori, Rachel and Dana.

  • Tony won Bohnanza with 24, followed by Dana (22), Angel (21), and Rachel/Dori (19).
  • Dori won Lord of the Fries with 107, followed by Dana (25), Angel (12), and Tony (9).