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Tonight, we played Carcassonne and Pandemic.

Players: Tony, Angel, Andrea and Jason.

  • Angel won Carcassonne with 101, followed by Jason (90), Tony (79), and Andrea (64).
  • Andrea won Carcassonne with 97, followed by Tony (90), Angel (74), and Jason (72).
  • Tony, Angel, Andrea and Jason lost Pandemic to the stupid mutation.

Tonight, we attended Ludus and played Race for the Galaxy, Tribune, and Small World.

Players: Tony, Angel, Blaise, CT7, Fuzz, The Rev. Dr. Nye, Dr. ZRFQ, and Byron.

  • Dr. ZRFQ won Race for the Galaxy with 44, followed by Tony (38), Blaise (33), and Angel (32).
  • Byron won Tribune with 4 win conditions, followed by Blaise (2 conditions), the Rev. Dr. Nye (2 conditions), and Angel.
  • Dr. ZRFQ won Small World with 103, followed by CT7 (101), and Tony (91).

Once upon a time, KN bought me some dill Havarti cheese, and upon taking my first bite, I thought two things.

One, “…where have you been all my life? This is even more delicious than the dill Havarti Grandpa buys, which is sliced so thinly one can’t taste anything. Must not melt on chair…”

Two, “…this needs to be put in mashed potatoes. Like, now.”

Some weeks, a new bag of potatoes, and a fresh block of cheese later, this is what happened:

Mashing potatoes is a great stress reliever. Beware the woman with the masher.

While I worked on the cheesy goodness, KN made us some roasted red pepper sauce:

The florescent light in our smallish kitchen does the sauce no justice — it looks washed-out, but it’s really a pale orange. And très yum.

Now we just have to decide what kind of pasta we’re having for dinner.

Tonight, we played Carcassonne… and learned how dangerous it is to allow Dr. ZRFQ to play his piggy-piece (40 points, pah!).

Players: Tony, Angel, Mrs. Tony’s Mommy, and Dr. ZRFQ

  • Tony won Carcassonne with 111 points, followed by Dr. ZRFQ (108), Mrs. Tony’s Mommy (96), and Angel (82).

Tonight, we attended Ludus and played Tribune, Power Grid, and Race for the Galaxy.

Players: Tony, Angel, Blaise, CT7, Fuzz, The Rev. Dr. Nye, Dr. ZRFQ, Matt, and Byron.

  • Byron won Tribune with 4 win conditions and 29 points, followed by Matt (4 win conditions and 27 points), Angel (3 win conditions [off from a fourth by ONE COIN]), and Dr. ZRFQ (3 win conditions).
  • CT7 won Power Grid with 14, followed by Fuzz (13), The Rev. Dr. Nye (12), Blaise (9), and Tony (5).
  • Tony won Race for the Galaxy with 40, followed by The Rev. Dr. Nye (39), Fuzz (36), Byron (35), CT7 (29), and Angel (25).

Last Friday, I ordered a new cell phone. Up until now, I have steadily resisted the move into the 21st century of cellular telephone technology, simply because a) I never needed a phone smarter than I am and b) I didn’t really like the available smartphones that much. I mean, yeah, the G1 was nice, and Android was pretty neat, but I never really wanted to own one flat out.

I do, now. I finally broke down and bought one of these. I finally got up the gumption (and the money) to break into the 21st century of technology. It doesn’t hurt that, though not the kickassinest, it is still a very kick-ass miniature computer.

Heck, because Verizon is dragging their asses on rolling FiOS into our building, I’m even proving how kick-ass this phone is by posting this post over a Wi-Fi tether to my phone. One that I didn’t have to root my phone to use, even. Android 2.2 (FroYo) supports tethering out of the box, both USB and Wi-Fi. It’s kinda nice, being able to use my own God-forsaken broadband for a change :)

Hopefully, Angel will be able to do some real research in the evenings, now. I say in the evenings, because during the day, the phone goes with me ;)

Tonight, we attended Ludus and played Race for the Galaxy, Ticket to RideBetrayal at House on the Hill, Puerto Rico, and Thunderstone.

Players: Tony, Angel, The Rev. Dr. Nye, Byron, CT7, and Fuzz.

  • Fuzz won Race for the Galaxy with 55, followed by Tony (52), CT7 (48), Angel (46), and the Rev. Dr. Nye (31).
  • Tony won Ticket to Ride with 118, followed by Fuzz (104), the Rev. Dr. Nye (94), Angel (90), and CT7 (-12).
  • Tony and Byron lost Betrayal at House on the Hill to Fuzz, CT7, Angel, and the Rev. Dr. Nye (our intrepid heroes), when Fuzz managed to activate the last part of the Ritual of Light.
  • Fuzz won Puerto Rico with 47, followed by Angel (45), Tony (43), and CT7 (36).
  • Byron won Thunderstone on the tiebreaker (31 and the Thunderstone), followed by the Rev. Dr. Nye (31), Dr. ZRFQ (21), and Tony (15).