or, How To Achieve Escape Velocity from a Nuclear Reaction.

So, we had some folks down to visit us from the Cold Fusion Reactor Pittsburgh this weekend. Apparently, they needed an escape from the insanity and the drama surrounding the Tekkoshocon staff, so they escaped to our insanity, but we maintain strict rules about our home being a Drama Free Zone. If it involves Drama, it also involves my toes booting it out the door. Or something like that.

Anyway, they showed up around 1800 on Friday, and we thence proceeded to feed like ravening beasts normal human beings at our favorite local sushi-ya, Mikaku Sushi-Taro. They’re owned and operated by Sushi-Taro, in downtown DC, and it shows – it’s fabulous :) Afterward, we returned and slept the sleep of the dead (or at least the mostly-dead) until sometime the next morning.

I’m not sure when the cats woke me up, but shortly thereafter we scooted out to the National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center, near Dulles International Airport (IAD) in Chantilly, where we had a grand time and aching feet. Following that, we retreated to the abode for an hour or so, ate something resembling food, then wandered back into Chantilly. We hit up our local brick-and-mortar, Game Parlor, then one of the used book stores we frequent, C&W Used Books, and finished up with a trip to Lotte, one of the nearby international supermarkets. After we got home, we played Bohnanza (see the play report for more details), consumed blood orange soda floats (with fresh blood orange juice), some really nice sake (G Joy), and some odd new Mike’s Hard concoction called Hard Mango Punch (which is rather stiff at first, but you get used to it quickly).

Dinner on Saturday, eaten in that gap between the museum and the other stuff, was something resembling udon (which I’ve made before), and inarizushi (which I haven’t). I’ve never made the udon the same way twice; this time, it involved copious quantities of dashi, a few healthy glugs of mirin, a fair pour of shōyu, a bit of salt, about as much sugar and half a bundle of scallions sliced into dinky rings. I kept taking samples to taste, ’cause it kept tasting kind of hollow; eventually, it evened out and tasted pretty good. I added some inariage to mine, ’cause I like kitsune udon, but I left the other bowls alone.

Sunday, again being woken up by the damned furry marauders cats, I crawled out of bed to make breakfast. While I was making breakfast, the rest of the gang decided they were going to make me decide what to do (hah – the fools!), so we ended up staying home and playing games all day (see the play report for more details on that). Breakfast ended up being something resembling miso soup, but I don’t currently have any shiromiso, so I ended up using some doenjang instead. It came out pretty well, but I think I’m going to get some shiromiso for next time.

For the record, the soup ended up being a pot of dashi, three-ish tablespoons doenjang, a bundle of scallions sliced into dinky rings, a handful of dried wakame (a mistake – next time, use less wakame…), an about 12 ounces of silken tofu, whacked into small cube-like pieces.

The Damned Yankees folks from up north left around 5:30, and we proceeded to dinner pretty immediately. A fun weekend, all told, but now I’m kind of exhausted…

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